Venezuela is a lot more than the birth place of great shortstops

Most Americans are probably not following the tragic events in Venezuela.  The violence is out of control, as reported daily by several bloggers like Fausta's Blog.   There is more at Caracas Chronicles.  The good people of Caracas, and other cities, are coming face to face with a ruthless regime that won't hesitate to fight back and kill demonstrators. Add Ukraine and Syria and most Americans are ready to wash their hands and tell the world to take their problems to the UN.  I understand it.  How did that work for us in the 1930's?   We spent the second half of the 1930s avoiding the world.We spent the 1940s fighting a world war. I understand the American indifference but someone needs to remind us that US interests are at stake here. This is what a president does.  He explains why some countries matter, no matter how much we want to look the other way. Venezuela is the 4th largest supplier of oil for the US.  It ranks...(Read Full Post)