The 'Marriage Equality' Bigots

As a week has passed since the forces of "stay out of my private life and the privacy of my own bedroom" crowd decided to bring their private lives and into the privacy of our living rooms with their gay marriage temper tantrum at the Grammy Awards, something has been lost. Intellectual honesty demands that we note the raging hypocrisy of hip-hop star Macklemore, Queen Latifah and all the rest of the "Marriage Equality" folks. They aren't for Marriage Equality at all. If they were, where were the polygamists on that stage? Where were the incestuous? Where were the tripartite marriages of bisexuals?

You can't claim you want "Marriage Equality" for consenting adults who love each other if you don't really mean it. What makes the consenting love of polygamists illegitimate, Macklemore? What makes the consenting love of the incestuous wrong, Queen Latifah? What makes the consenting love of bisexuals unacceptable, oh purveyors of tolerance and opposers of h8?

Don't look now, but the marriage equality activists are drawing moral boundaries and denying "equal marriage rights" to people that don't "love" like they do. Which means Macklemore, Queen Latifah, and 99% of this movement are every bit the bigots that they call Christians. The so-called Marriage Equality movement is fraud from top to bottom.

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