The CBO report is direct and simple

Yes, both sides play the "hype" and "spin game".    Am I the only person who is not surprised to see politicians play politics? 

However, the CBO report is bad news for Dems, or at least the few still defending Obama Care.

This is the bottom line about the CBO, as presented by Carl Cannon:

"What the CBO report makes plain is that under Obamacare a huge cohort of Americans will realize they'd be better off financially if they cut back on their hours or quit working altogether so as to not jeopardize their (taxpayer-financed) health care subsidies.   

Here's the rub: Who will be paying for their health care costs? There are two possible answers; one: Americans who remain in the workforce, most of whom are middle class, with economic worries of their own; two: future generations of Americans-as we are borrowing prodigiously to pay for current spending."

That is simple and to the point.   

Since President Obama got "just enough votes" to push the ACA over the finish line, we've been saying that this is law that is more than a health care law.

I think that the CBO's latest report confirms that.

Repeal please! 

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