Terrorism at Winter Olympics a 'Sure Bet,' says Russian Expert

Chechen terrorist leader named Doku Umarov declared that his enemies are Russia and "also America, England, Israel, and anyone who wages war against Islam and Muslims." Chechen terrorists were caught in 2012 hiding caches of weapons (grenade launchers, surface-to-air missiles, and TNT) in the region bordering Sochi. Umarov called for "maximum force" in order to stop the Winter Games from taking place. Sochi, Russia is located in the extremely volatile region of the North Caucasus, an area of Central Asia rife with terrorist camps and violence.  Map source. The mountainous terrain of the Caucasus creates a safe haven for terrorists which is nearly impossible to secure. The Russians have tried to secure the region for over a century, yet the violence emanating from that part of the globe is only escalating. Dr. Daria Kirjanov, professor of Russian history, culture, and language at the University of New Haven, has doubts about the safety of the Winter Olympics, saying, "Terrorism...(Read Full Post)