Tell the UAW to stop insulting the intelligence of the plant workers in Tennessee

It never fails.  Every time that the left loses or can't succeed it is "racism," "sexism," "Tea Party madness, and so on.  This is getting as predictable as President Obama playing golf.

No one in the left has sat back and looked at the UAW defeat seriously.  It is "a teachable" moment as President Obama likes to say. I just hope that the UAW takes the time to learn from this "teachable moment"!

The Wall Street Journal looks at the UAW's hysterical reaction:

"The union is blaming Tennessee politicians for raising this possibility, especially GOP Senator Bob Corker, a former mayor of Chattanooga who helped bring Volkswagen to the city and who said last week that he felt "assured" (he didn't say by whom) that the Tennessee plant would get the second production line if it rejected the union. The company disavowed that claim, but the union may use it as an excuse for defeat and to file an unfair labor practice complaint under the Wagner Act with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

This isn't likely to fly on the merits. Mr. Corker may have been impolitic. But he didn't give up his right to free speech when he joined the Senate, and every public action by Volkswagen had favored the union. State legislators had said they might withhold future tax incentives if the UAW organized the plant, and Tennessee had reason to believe that a UAW success would hurt its ability to recruit other companies that would fear the union precedent."

The UAW lost for a few reasons and they have nothing to do with outside influence. By the way, there was outside influence from both sides. In other words, both sides got to make their case in this one. In fact, Rich Lowry reported that the UAW spent $5 million over two years.

It failed because Volkswagen is an excellent employer and people are happy there. This is a huge lesson for employers.Take care of your people and they will stand by you.

It failed because they didn't get the votes.  The workers simply did not want to change their situation. They don't see in the UAW what workers back in the 1930s did. 

The UAW has a choice. It can accept defeat gracefully or continue to accuse the workers in Tennessee of being morons.

I hope that the UAW learn a lesson or they will continue to lose members, as they've been doing for a lot longer than Senator Cocker or "the tea party" have been around.

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