Subsidies will set you free

If you are making an income that is low enough, you are entitled to a substantial health insurance subsidy.  But don't seek any more income, for it may cost you dearly.  Stay put, be static.  If for example, you are making 29K a year, and are getting free health insurance and you make the mistake of making 36K, you will have actually hurt your condition.  Though you have earned 7K more, you have lost your 10K a year insurance subsidy. You now pay for what you had for free, and you are now in a higher tax bracket. You have gone backwards.  Is that some type of "freedom"?  It seems a ceiling on achievement or at least an impediment in any attempt to advance oneself. Freedom indeed.  Like the freedom of being forced to join a union, or at least have your dues extracted from your check?  Freedom to choose your health insurance...from four metallic choices?   As Johan Goldberg notes, "Government gives you freedom by giving you stuff....(Read Full Post)