Putin's Cat and Mouse game...and he's not he Mouse.

Some saw it immediately.  The Putin resolution to the Syrian chemical weapons "red line crossing" was a finesse by the astute upon the unwitting.  Obama was short term released from the little box into which he had placed himself. The relief was immediate. The situation went to the back burner.  But now the product of Putin's maneuver becomes crystal clear.  Syria is seemingly absolved of any punitive measures and certainly they are retaining, in one form or another, the chemical weapons in question.

Syria is woefully behind in its obligation to remove these chemical weapons. 

According to Reuters,

"The deliveries, in two shipments this month to the northern Syrian port of Latakia, totaled 4.1 percent of the roughly 1,300 tonnes of toxic agents reported by Damascus to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity."


"It's not enough and there is no sign of more," one source briefed on the situation said...The internationally backed operation, overseen by a joint OPCW-United Nations mission, is now 6-8 weeks behind schedule. Damascus needs to show it is still serious about relinquishing its chemical weapons, the sources told Reuters."

Per the Reuters article...."All the indications are, and the secretary-general's report makes clear, that actually the regime has been sort of stalling on the implementation of the agreement," the diplomat said.....Another senior Western diplomat said the Syrian government is "teasing us" by dragging its heels but doing enough to avoid being declared in non-compliance with its obligation to destroy its chemical weapons program.

The second diplomat added that Russia would never permit the U.N. Security Council to declare Assad's government in non-compliance with its duty to eliminate its poison gas program."

Obama has been carved out of the mix.  Perhaps he is delighted. But we all witness how Syria has not been punished for the use of chemical weapons, are in non compliance,  and that the President's words have assumed an international degree of hollowness. Putin and Syria have moved the pea beneath the shells and the President and his people are victims of the ruse.  Maybe they're relieved.

James Longstreet

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