President Obama looks out of touch with reality

President Obama will go down to Toluca, Mexico for a 9-hour visit.  He will see that Toluca is an industrial town outside of Mexico City that looks like a portion of the industrial Midwest has been transferred south of the border. 

He will sit down with a couple of leaders who are leading and getting things done.Let's hope that he listens for a change.

Prime Minister Harper will probably remind President Obama about that Keystone Pipeline and how the Chinese are ready to buy his oil.  I'm sure that PM Harper would rather sell it to his friend south of the border but how much longer can he wait for an indecisive US president to make a decision?

He may have to wait a while because President Obama got a big warning from the "greens".  The Hill reports that some "greens may sit out" the midterm if Keystone is approved.

President Pena-Nieto of Mexico is facing a crisis in Michoacan.  He's also taken the first steps to reform PEMEX and invite more foreign investment in the energy sector. This is an amazing opportunity for US companies, from oil companies to manufactueres of oil production equipment.

Unfortunately, President Obama seems more interested in global warming or climate change rather turning North America into an economic superpower. 

North America could soon be energy independent. Mexico is slowly turning into itself into a huge consumer of US goods and services, or a $1 trillion GDP!  

Yet, don't expect anything from the summit.    We have a visionary leader from Canada, a "get things done" man in Mexico and a US president who looks like he'd rather be somewhere else.


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