Obama Signs an Executive Order to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage

Does Obama really think that raising federal employees' meager salaries from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour will change their lives?  He is doing nothing for them and masquerading like the queen of generosity.

Most federal employees earn far above the minimum wage.  They are given excessive benefits.  But what good will another $2.85 per hour do for those at minimum wage?  Will it buy them Lamborghinis or pay for private planes to Paris?  Whom is Obama kidding?  There is no equality.  Everyone can't have the same.  We can't all live in the White House and fly around in Air Force One.

Yes, we can and do have equality of opportunity.  Equality of results is wrong and dictatorial.

Obama is playing God.  He is trying to administer his version of justice.  But even God allows free will and doesn't try to spoon-feed benefits.  God is not arrogant.  Obama is the supreme bureaucrat.  

Back in the fifties and sixties, when I was a boy, my parents used to brag to me that Europeans were comfortable with their lifestyles and weren't envious of the rich.  They accused Americans of being too jealous and too interested in upward mobility.  They told me that Americans chased money instead of cultivating deeper satisfaction.  They pointed out that waiters in Paris were content with their positions.  They respected life, not possessions.

Obama is the king of jealousy.  He has none of the Italian che sarà, sarà attitude.  He tries to make minorities and the poor jealous of the white and the rich.  He is a mean and ungracious human being.  He exacerbated the rift between the poor and the rich during the Occupy Wall Street incident.  He is setting up the possibility of the heads of the rich rolling.  He is inadvertently flirting with the reign of terror.

Obama originally wanted to raise federal employees to $9 per hour.  However, having failed so embarrassingly on the Affordable Health Act he had to do something dramatic, hence $10.10 per hour.

Still, it's a joke. For income equality with the upper tier, Obama would have to raise federal employees to ten thousand dollars an hour.  And that still wouldn't equal the income of the financial titans or the hedge fund managers.  Obama pats himself on the back while he offers the poor pocket change.  His economic failures have created more poor.

Why doesn't Obama just give the poor yachts and Rolls-Royces?  What's the limit?  That way the poor would be getting their fair share like Wall Street financiers.  Maybe we should be fair by giving them money to wine and dine models?  Where do the freebies stop?  The sky's the limit when you are playing Robin Hood with other people's money.

And, hey, if a poor person is stupid, maybe we should give him a brain transplant?  Or if he's not athletic, maybe we should send him to sports camp every summer?  Or if he or she is ugly, maybe we should give out plastic surgery?

Spilling money on the poor would be a prescription for bankruptcy and failure, not for equality.  But what does Obama know?  He specializes in ruining our credit.    

It's not that Obama is an idiot.  He is simply idiotically stubborn in his socialist ideology.  He is a do-gooder who can't seem to do good.  He is like a rock-and-roll one-hit wonder.  His second term is his failure, like the Bay City Rollers after Saturday Night.  He wants to give everyone a fair share, but he has reduced everyone's share.

It must be frustrating to be Obama.  I would hate thinking that I was a humanist when I was consistently hurting everyone around me.

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