Obama Creates Cabinet-Level Agency for People Like Him

Today, the Obama administration is unveiling a progressive initiative called “My Brother’s Keeper” to help young black men and minorities train for and get jobs.

From Yahoo News today:

President Obama will announce a $200 million commitment from nine foundations Thursday afternoon to bolster the lives of young men and boys of color.

The president will create a new inter-agency “My Brother’s Keeper Task Force” headed up by Broderick Johnson [Obama For America senior adviser], the cabinet secretary and assistant to the president. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Attorney General Eric Holder, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and other senior officials will be personally involved in “My Brother’s Keeper,” according to Jarrett.

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City who started and funded an initiative in the city aimed at young black men, will join the president for the 3:45 p.m. announcement of the program at the White House. [snip]

“I think he’s committed to being more aggressive,” said Rev. Al Sharpton, who was in the meeting.

Yesterday, Yahoo News slobbered all over Obama’s “embrace of a lifelong cause” to keep black kids out of jail and in school. Imagine what Yahoo reporters would write if a White president were to single out white boys for a special program of training and jobs.

The co-authors not only trade on the race card, they fail to mention Obama has not done a bang-up job in stemming the tide of black unemployment, low graduation rates and urban crime. In fact, his policies over the last six years have exacerbated the problems in the inner city.

Not only are black-on-black crimes epidemic, he and his fellow race-baiters like Eric Holder have fueled black-on-white hatred. The knockout assaults and cold-blooded murders of whites are routinely downplayed and ignored by mainstream media; while black victims are elevated to martyr status.

But Yahoo’s omissions are nothing compared to their outright fabrications.

“In a sense, the struggle of young minority men has always been a central part of Barack Obama’s life’s work," wrote Liz Goodman and Garance Franke-Ruta.           .

As an activist in Chicago, Obama did little for black youth. The Yahoo writers inadvertently admit as much in their propaganda piece, describing him as a street organizer and political operative.

Indeed, My Brother’s Keeper takes him back to where he started as a community organizer on the streets and in the churches of South Chicago. Later, during his political campaigns, he often told a story about how nobody showed up at one of his first meetings as an organizer. A young and idealistic Obama felt discouraged until he saw some kids playing outside, seemingly oblivious to the rough neighborhood around them.

His senior adviser and Chicago slumlord crony, Valerie Jarrett,  also weighs in on the new “My Brother’s Keeper” campaign saying, "I think it’s something that's deeply personal to the president and first lady.”  ‘It’ for Jarrett and the Obamas is the race card, which both Obamas have been playing since their early days to together.

Writing on the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, Yahoo used the article to fan the flames of racism once again. The myth of Martin continues with the troubled teen being gunned down in a “middle-class Orlando suburb.” Translation: Suburban white people are to blame.

Yahoo then credits the President for staying above the fray during his early years when it comes to race. I guess they forgot about the "stupid" Cambridge police department.

But how Obama went from treading carefully around the issue of race during his first few years in office to making the fate of young black men a signature issue of his second term is ultimately a more visceral and human story than one of a president reassessing the mechanics of his governing strategy.

It began with the shooting of a 17-year-old black teenager named Trayvon in a middle class Orlando suburb — an event that touched off a ritual and emotional debate on race, justice and fairness in America…Obama was deeply affected by Martin’s shooting,

In fact, as Yahoo explains, “My Brother’s Keeper” came about as a result of the Zimmerman not-guilty verdict and a “series of White House conversations.” Obama’s big-money, divisive, non-profit program to help “minority boys succeed” will be the major focus of Obama’s post-presidency activities. Obama will be his brother’s keeper, as long as he’s not white, and his ‘brothas’ don’t turn on him.

But the chances of blacks betraying Obama are slim especially with media slugs at Yahoo proclaiming that Obama is one of them: a youth who “felt the searing pain of racism” and had to turn to drugs as a form of escape, much like Trayvon.

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