Lefty American foundations funding Canadian oil sands opposition

Thanks to an audit by Canada Revenue, we know that several big money American foundations have been active trying to build domestic Canadian opposition to the development of oil sands in Alberta, the source of petroleum for the Keystone XL Pipeline, another target for the greenies. Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press writes about "Canada Revenue's 2013-2014 audit of high-profile environmental groups, including the David Suzuki Foundation, Tides Canada, Environmental Defence, the Pembina Foundation, Eqiuiterre and the Ecology Action Centre," and points out:

With a battle cry as hushed as a farmer's field in Winter, the Rockefellers came in to the Land of the Maple Leaf with the election of President Barack Obama back in 2008.  That's when the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, headquartered in New York, wrote a 48-page campaign plan targeting Canada's oilsands.

Someone should show the Rockefellers a map of the 49th parallel.

Big boys with big money that are slippery as fish, up until now could count on camouflage to cover their job-killing anti-Canadian missions.

"They committed to a whopping $7 million yearly budget for this battle, now in its fifth year." ([Ezra]Levant).

"Page 36 of their plan couldn't be more clear: They need to put a non-billionaire, non-New York face on their campaign.

"They needed the help of groups like the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN).

"The plan was conceived and planned and funded and managed by white guys in New York.

"So they made a call down to central casting to order themselves up, to quote their campaign plan, "First Nations and other legal challenges."

In the 'Rockefeller Vs. Canada Battle', celebrities get to sign their names to full-page anti-oilsands newspaper ads, the Indians get to do the grunt work.

Tom Goldtooth from the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), based in Minnesota made this telling statement to the Washington Post when he said his Aboriginal activists were pretty much only called upon by white billionaires "when they need something".

As Levant aptly points out, "the real money in Canadian environmentalism - the most radical money - isn't Canadian.

"It's from U.S. billionaires and their foundations."

Add to the bully boys spreading big money to fight Canada, the U.S.-based Tides Foundation, also pouring millions into vulnerable Indian activists, directing them in a staged play against Canada's interests.
Now that the cat's out of the bag, giants of the mainstream media are starting to report on the hideous hypocrisy of the radical environmental movement. 

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has turned its back on the industry that generated the resources to fund it, and now works through front groups not only in the US but in Canada and who knows where else.

McLeod points out that oil sands development is a major source of employment for members of the very First Canadian front groups being put up by the Big Money Boys.

It is a sordid tale.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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