Is It Okay to Hate Your Husband Even If He's the President?

Michelle Obama can be downright mean -- especially when it comes to her husband. The First Lady reprised her early campaign role as ego-buster this past Friday at a Women's Lunch fundraiser benefitting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Mrs. Obama elicited laughter from her mostly female audience when she portrayed Mr. Obama as a powerless child in constant need of guidance.

But let's be clear -- and I have said this again -- Barack cannot do this all alone just sitting by himself in the Oval Office. (Laughter.) It's a sad thought, isn't it? It's a sad little thought. (Laughter.) And we know this. We know this by now. We've seen it time and again. He needs help.

This is catty, bitchy stuff. "We've seen it time and time again, he needs help?"

Ever since 2007, Mrs. Obama has ostensibly courted the female vote by bashing her mate -- a tactic sure to win over feminists raised on man-hatred. In 2007 she told Glamour magazine the girls won't cuddle with their Dad because he's "snore-y and stinky." Michelle went on in other interviews to talk about his smelly socks, lack of
dancing skills and his subpar looks.

At the time, political pundits like Larry Sabato opined that this kind of personal disclosure helped the First Lady connect with average women. Sabato was partially right; she was playing to her audience. How many television sitcom wives have we seen over the years call their husbands an "idiot?"

No wonder when Michelle was asked by NBC news about her role on the campaign trail she answered, "My job is not a senior adviser. I am here as a wife." And wives, according to Mrs. Obama, get to trash their husbands.

By now, Michelle knows her biting ridicule of Barack appeals to leftist women able to shell out between $500 and $32,500 for a luncheon. Is it just an act or could it be Mrs. Obama really does hate her husband?

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