Is AARP getting Obamacare blowback?

Do you get solicitations from AARP?  They have been trying to sign me up for a decade now.  Until recently I always tossed everything except the business reply envelope, which I would often drop in the mail empty because I have always disapproved of their philosophy of promoting subsidies and discounts based on status rather than need. 

I've noticed that the last two solicitations I have gotten from them did not contain a business reply envelope. Anyone who wanted to sign up with AARP would have to use their own stamp.    Since including a postage reply envelope has a significant effect upon response rates, they are standard in most solicitations.  In my experience only the most controversial organizations don't regularly use business reply envelopes in their mass solicitations for new members.

I have to wonder: as a consequence of their vocal support for the passage of Obamacare has AARP gotten back a lot of envelopes that didn't contain information about a new member?  Enough to make their use not cost effective?  Were they all empty or were some recipients of the solicitations making AARP pick up the cost of an anti-AARP rant? 

Since I have seen AARP called both the Association of Avaricious Retired Parasites and the Anti-American Rapacious Pigs since the passage of Obamacare, I suspect the later may be the case. 

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