Hilarious take-down of New York Times minimum wage hypocrisy

Tom Maguire gives the New York Times a well-deserved thrashing over its pretensions of offering wisdom on the minimum wage. From his website Just One Minute:

Business and the Minimum Wage


Paying workers more can help companies lower turnover and improve productivity.

We hope the Times publishers take this advice to heart as we contemplate these headlines at the Huffington Post:

NYT Editor Speaks Out About 'Painful' Layoffs

NYT Lays Off 'Far Fewer People' Than It Expected

Top New York Times Editor Stepping Down

Layoffs Approaching At NY Times

Major NYT Layoffs

New York Times Layoffs Begin

New York Times Panic: Staffers Told To Rein In Spending While They Await The Bloodbath

As he notes, the Times obviously could solve its problems by giving every one of its employees a 40% raise. Just apply some of its vast economic wisdom to its own domain.

As the old saying goes, never eat at a restaurant where its own chefs refuse to dine.