Gov Christie will survive because his enemies are just plain 'loco'

Before I start, let me state that I have not spent anytime looking at the 2016 GOP or Democrat hopefuls. 

It is way too early to do that, no matter how much money "The Clinton '16" machine collects. I remind you that Hillary Clinton will be 70 in 2016 and look every bit of it.  More importantly, she will have to defend the Obama record, from the ACA to the Middle East. It won't be easy unless there is a 180-degree change in our political environment.

Last, but not least, 1988 was the last time that a party won 3 in a row, i.e. Bush beat Dukakis. I don't know what 2016 will look like but my guess is that the Obama administration will not be as popular as Reagan was in '88!

The conventional wisdom after November was that Christie was in.The conventional wisdom last weekend was that he he would resign because The NY Times had found "the smoking gun." 

Today, "the conventional wisdom" is that The NY Times jumped the gun.  In fact, it had to correct the story and admit that the gun had not so much  smoke, as reported by Mr Taranto of the WSJ:

"An article on Saturday about the contention of David Wildstein, a former Port Authority official, that "evidence exists" that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey knew about the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge as it was happening misidentified, at one point, the person for whom a lawyer wrote a letter to a panel investigating the closings. The letter was written for Bill Stepien by Kevin H. Marino, his lawyer; it was not written for Mr. Marino."

Wonder who is going to lose their job at The NY Tines?

From day 1 of this "bridge story," I sensed a "feeding frenzy" on the part of reporters. 

Some of the "frenzy" was typical in the 24/7 news cycle.  It happens.

A big part of it was liberals trying to get Christie because they bought into some poll that projected the governor beating Hillary Clinton.  MSNBC, in particular, went into "Def-Con 100" and had the governor convicted and hung from the same bridge.

Yes, Governor Christie is wounded and not flying so high. However, he will survive and charge ahead because his enemies can not control their hatred of the GOP or devotion to seeing Hillary Clinton become president.


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