Did Cuomo Aide Commit a Gun Crime -- and Get Away with It?

Recently, gun blogs lit up with the story of Jerome Hauer, appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to be commissioner of New York State's Department of Homeland Security.  The Albany Times-Union and the Daily Caller reported that last October, Hauer was giving a presentation to a group of Swedish delegates in a State Police "bunker" ("Bunker"?  The State Police need a "bunker"?) when, unable to locate a pocket laser pointer for his lecture, he pulled a handgun and used the laser sight on it instead -- allegedly muzzle-sweeping one delegate's head with the laser in the process.  The Swedes were said to be "rattled" by the incident. Turns out that it was illegal for Hauer -- who is not a sworn police officer -- to be carrying his weapon in State office buildings.  Hey, no problem!  Subsequently, the Times-Union reported that Hauer was granted a "waiver" allowing him to continue carrying his handgun in State facilities. Internet commenters...(Read Full Post)