Dems face another unexpected Senate seat potential loss

The list of vulnerable Democrat-held Senate seats in 2014 just got longer. And in a state that used to be reliably blue. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The race to succeed retiring Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan is still rated "Democratic Favored" by some Washington prognosticators, but the contest is starting to look like a toss-up. It's only February, but yet another poll shows the Republican candidate, Terri Lynn Land, with a small lead.

The EPIC-MRA survey of likely voters shows Ms. Land ahead of her Democratic opponent, Rep. Gary Peters, 41%-38%. A September poll showed Mr. Peters with a one-point lead, and both results are within the margin of error. But Ms. Land, a former Michigan secretary of state, seems to have the momentum; she has led in every poll taken this year. (snip)

Mr. Peters has the Democratic establishment behind him, having been endorsed by Mr. Levin and the state's other Democratic senator, Debbie Stabenow. But he also supports ObamaCare, and outside conservative groups have run issue ads linking him to the unpopular law. A January poll of likely voters in the state put support for ObamaCare at just 37 percent.

Democrats will now have to pour money into Michigan in order to try to hold this seat. This itself is good news, but the prospect of turning over yet another seat makes Senate control and even greater possibility for the GOP in 2015.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky


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