Cookies Without Conscience

The Girl Scouts and their "Law" have morphed to keep pace with changing societal values. In 1920, the Girl Scout Law ended with, "A Girl Scout is Clean in Thought, Word and Deed." Today, it ends with "use resources wisely, make the world a better place . . . ." For years, pro-life parents have asserted that the special relationship between the Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood and other abortion proponents makes a mockery of the Scout Law.

The Girl Scouts official website recently tweeted out the Huffington Post's "Incredible Ladies of 2013" which included Wendy Davis. Whether or not Ms. Wendy is a lady is debatable, but it is certain that her meteoric rise to incredibleness was based on her dramatic performance in the Texas legislature on behalf of abortion.

The Waco. Texas pro-life group, led by John Pisciotta, has organized a Girl Scout cookie boycott to draw attention to the issue. The official Girl Scout response to the boycott was provided by Kelly Parisi, an officer of the Girl Scouts of America. Ms. Parisi was a women's study major who came to the Girl Scouts from the Ms. Foundation, founded by Gloria Steinem. Ms. Steinem is one of the most infamous proponents of abortion rights in American history.

Despite the Girls Scout's indirect honoring of Wendy Davis, Parisi said, "The Girl Scouts do not endorse politicians or take stands on political issues. The posts were meant to encourage people to get involved in discussions about the top newsmakers of 2013, which many people were referring to as the year of women." Parisi later remarked in an interview, "It's deeply unfortunate that fringe groups are attaching their political agenda to our brand. It's even more upsetting that we're a girl-serving organization and people are using our brand to have very adult conversations."

It would seem that in citing Wendy Davis as an "incredible lady," the Girl Scouts are initiating the very conversation they claim to be inappropriate for their members. It is also deeply unfortunate that Ms. Parisi, in denying that honoring Wendy Davis is in any way political, is dishonoring the Girl Scout fealty to honesty.

Hat Tip: John Pisciotta

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