At least he didn't draw a 'red' line this time

President Obama finally got into the Ukraine story. He had VP Biden contact the leader of Ukraine yesterday, as George Will mentioned in his column..

This is what President Obama said in Mexico, according to news reports:

"President Barack Obama says "there will be consequences" for violence in Ukraine if people step over the line.  

He says that includes making sure that the military doesn't step into a situation that civilians should resolve.  

Obama says the U.S. condemns the violence in the strongest terms. He says the U.S. holds Ukraine's government primarily responsible to ensure it's dealing with peaceful protesters appropriately. 

Obama is speaking in Mexico after arriving for an international summit. He says the U.S. is deeply engaged with European partners, Ukraine's government and the opposition. He says the violence has captured the entire world's attention.   The U.S. has raised the prospect of joining partners in Europe to impose sanctions against Ukraine. At least 25 people were killed Tuesday in clashes between protesters and police."

President Obama's problem is that no one takes him seriously anymore.  I do not write this with glee.  It hurts me to see a US president reduced to this!

I understand that his options are limited and no one is suggesting that we send troops into Kiev.   At the same time, President Obama's disengagement from foreign policy has reduced him to an observer in the world stage.

Unfortunately, President Obama's words do not matter. 

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