Another strange Obama admininstration arms purchase

On July 29, 2013, the Department of the Army in a Combined Synopsis/Solicitation, Solicitation Number W15QKN13T8513, asked the General Services Administration to procure "592,825 (approx) AK Rifle Magazines: 7.62x39mm Caliber, New Production, Steel, 30 Round Capacity".  That many magazines would require 17.8 million rounds just fill each magazine once. What nation or even what moderate Syrian rebel group needs that kind of firepower?  That request is far beyond what is needed by any nation that issues AK's to its soldiers except Russia and China. Of course, the US armed forces do not use AK rifles as standard issue.


US armed forces stationed in Jordan are currently supplying Syrian rebels with small arms, like the AK.  However, could this Administration be planning to supply over half a million AK magazines to the moderate rebels, most of which will probably end up in the hands of the al-Qaeda or even the Assad regime? No. Realistically only 50,000 magazines would end up being delivered to "our" rebels in an entire year.

From Reuters we read:

...officials who support providing U.S. arms to the rebels acknowledge that this [weapons deliveries] has not greatly increased U.S. expectations of victory by anti-Assad forces, whether moderate or militant.

"The Syrian war is a stalemate. The rebels lack the organization and weapons to defeat Assad; the regime lacks the loyal manpower to suppress the rebellion. Both sides' external allies... are ready to supply enough money and arms to fuel the stalemate for the foreseeable future," said Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA analyst and sometime foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama.

So the question remains, what the heck does Obama plan to do with half a million AK magazines? Walk them to Mexico, like the rifles in Fast and Furious? Auction them on eBay? Sell them to Cuba and Venezuela for cigars and heating oil?

Or maybe Obama plans to use them in arming his Civilian National Security Force? Nah, that's just wacky right wing, conspiracy nonsense.

Just like GSA Solicitation Number W15QKN13T8513.