All hail Obamaism

The inventor of the mass cult, Obamaism, President Barack Hussein Obama (D), inspired his starry eyed Organizing for Action (OFA) acolytes Tuesday night, reassuring them

"The work you’re doing is God’s work. It is hard work."

And what work are the faithful Obamaists doing for their ObamaGod?

Touting the latest White House Obamacare benchmark, President Barack Obama told his political base not to be discouraged by partisan attacks and stressed that their cause is divine.

About 4 million people have signed up for private health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, Obama said Tuesday night at an Organizing for Action event in Washington, urging his supporters to keep pushing to enroll as many people as possible before the March 31 deadline.

"We’re going to make a big push these last few weeks,” Obama told OFA volunteers and officials. “I can talk, my team can talk here in Washington, but it’s not going to make as much of a difference as if you are out there making the case. The work you’re doing is God’s work. It is hard work.”

Being the fanatic religious leader he is, ObamaGod disparaged the non Obamaists, the non believers, the mockers, especially those opposed to Obamaism's fundamental tenet, Obamacare.

The president urged OFA members to recruit Republican friends and relatives to enroll in Obamacare — telling them to tell people not to believe what they might hear on “the wrong newscast.” He cited “a combination of an implacable opposition that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, to spread misinformation” and the faulty as the reason “a lot of people who really could use this coverage are unsure. We’ve got to make sure that they know that this will pay off for them.”

ObamaGod also mentioned other Obamaism tenets such as raising the minimum wage although he refrained from mentioning immigration change and climate change.

Energized, the Obamists planned their missionary strategy to convert others to Obamaism, Last Call, the final push for ObamaCare before the March 31 enrollment deadline. 

Executive Director Jon Carson urged volunteers and staff to use the same techniques they employed during Obama’s presidential campaigns to help people acquire health insurance.

“The last call is here, and it is our job to let everybody out there know that it is their last chance to get covered. March 31 is the day they need to get it done,” Carson said. “The No. 1 way to deliver this message is through amazing individual stories. … When we show them someone in their community, someone just like them who took the time, went to the website and found out it’s affordable.”

You have been warned!  Do not accept hot chocolate--or any other missionary material--from PajamaBoy/PajamaGirl acolytes.  Don't argue with them, they are incapable of logical thinking.  Do them a favor and laugh in their faces instead.  Maybe they'll snap out of it.