A huge victory for Mexico's anti-cartel efforts

Remember how you felt when Saddam Hussein was captured or Osama Bin Liden was killed?   I'm sure that they are feeling this way down in Mexico, specially the military fighting cartels for years.

"El Chapo" has been captured, as The Washington Post reported:

"Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, the man who supplied more illegal drugs to the United States than anyone else on Earth, was captured by the Mexican military without a shot Saturday morning in the Pacific coast town resort of Mazatlan, according to U.S. and Mexican authorities.

The arrest of the world's most wanted drug lord was electrifying news in Mexico and a major political victory for its president, Enrique Peña Nieto. On Saturday afternoon, Peña Nieto confirmed the capture in a tweet and thanked his security forces. "Congratulations to all," he wrote.

Guzmán runs an organized crime empire that spans several continents and earns billions of dollars. Guzmán built a shipping and transport empire that plied air, sea and roads to sate the world's demand for cocaine, heroin and marijuana. From Los Angeles warehouses to Chicago barrios, his employees criss-crossed America to supply their customers.

His Sinaloa cartel is the grandfather of Mexican drug-running organizations, the wealthiest and most powerful corporation in the business, whose riches have corrupted generations of Mexican politicians and corroded the nation's democracy.

"He's a legend," said security analyst Jorge Chabat in Mexico City. "He is the jewel of the crown.""

Congratulations to President Pena-Nieto and thousands of Mexicans who've been deployed to fight this awful war. Let's not forget President Calderon who took on the cartels directly in 2007.

Politically, this is a huge one for President Pena-Nieto who has his hands full with the events in Michoacan, where local residents have decided to take on the cartels directly.

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