Why are we wasting our time discussing what they say at MSNBC?

Don't ask me why but my cable system does not include MSNBC.  It does have FOX, CNN and CNBC.

Trust me I'm not complaining! 

There are a few things that I figured out about MSNBC yeas ago:

1) The network lacks maturity, from stupid tweets to on the air remarks about Romney's grandchild.  MSNBC is a mess, as reported by The NY Post:

"In the past two months alone, three MSNBC anchors - Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin and Melissa Harris-Perry - experienced damaging cases of foot-in-mouth syndrome and had to apologize.  

Two - Bashir and Baldwin - lost their jobs."

2) Most people see MSNBC as opinion rather than news:

"In the Pew Research sample, two of the three major cable news channels had a fairly even distribution of airtime devoted to opinion and to newsgathering. CNN was the only one to feature more reporting (54%) than opinion (46%) overall. At the Fox News Channel, the split leaned toward moderately more opinion (55%) than reporting (45%).   

On MSNBC, however, the mix of news and commentary skewed heavily in one direction. Fully 85% of the channel's airtime in the period studied was devoted to opinion. Only 15% of its programming was filled with reporting.  And the time of day really didn't matter. The percentage of MSNBC airtime devoted to opinion was more than 80% in the morning (6-10 a.m.), mid-day (12-3 p.m.) and evening (6-10 p.m.)"

And, we give them a lot of attention every time that we repeat what they say! 

Stop listening and wasting our time.  They don't deserve our attention or anger!

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