You won't see a word about abortion on the Wendy Davis for governor website

Our friend Thomas Lifson posted about Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator running for governor.  He commented on a front page story on The Dallas Morning News that found a few "holes" in her biography.

Here is another "hole" in the Davis story: You will not find a word about abortion on her website!

You will read her position on issues like education, strong economy, government accountability, and veterans. 

Not a word about the abortion filibuster that made her a feminist superwoman, liberal icon and future MSNBC show host.

By the way, Senator Davis had every right to do a filibuster.  She is not the first nor the last Texas senator who will use that technique.

My problem was not the filibuster but her exploitation of the issue. After all, the bill was about conditions in clinics NOT denying any Texas woman her right to an abortion. In other words, abortion is legal in Texas.

Last, but not least, abortion after 20 weeks does not play well, as we saw in polls.

Maybe this is the reason that the new Senator Davis bears no resemblance to the one we saw wearing tennis shoes last June.


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