Why do liberals think that a single payer system would work any better than this?

My liberal friends keep telling me that we should have a single payer system.  They are disappointed that President Obama did not push for such a health care system earlier.

They are missing two key points.

The first one is that they didn't have the votes.I mean, that they would have never gotten 60 Democrat votes.  No way!  They had to pull all kinds of tricks to get the ACA through the US Senate and passed in the US House by less than 10 votes despite a big majority.

The second one is reality.  Government run insurance does not work, as the IBD editorial points out:

"Little wonder, since every day ObamaCare provides fresh evidence that government can't do the job.   

First were the massive technological failures at the health care exchanges, millions of unexpected policy cancellations and sky-high premiums. 

Then we saw the administration's frantic efforts to delay and rewrite rules to minimize political fallout. 

Now, we read stories about people who thought they'd enrolled in a plan but hadn't, or were told they hadn't, or nobody seems to know for sure. 

And doctors, pharmacies and hospitals are now spending countless hours trying to figure out who's covered and for what. Often, even doctors don't know if they're in an ObamaCare plan's network. 

The left-wing Huffington Post tells of a cancer patient who had to put off surgery because nobody could tell whether she was covered, even through she'd enrolled via an ObamaCare exchange in December. It took intervention by the head of her state's exchange to sort it out. 

Meanwhile, many plans say only 60% of signees have paid their first premium so far. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield reports that as of Jan. 3 just 8% of those who signed up with Connecticut's exchange had done so. 

As a result, even though insurers pushed back payment deadlines that they'd already extended once, many of the 2 million who signed up for ObamaCare will end up disenrolled - creating yet another crisis. 

On top of all this, we're learning that the industry will likely need a bailout in the near future, since the young aren't signing up as hoped. Humana, for example, announced in its latest 8-K filing it "expects the risk mix of members enrolling through the health insurance exchanges to be more adverse than previously expected." 

ObamaCare conveniently provides for such a bailout through the law's "risk corridor" program, which is designed to limit industry losses in the first three years. 

Confusion, bureaucracy, delays, crony capitalism, taxpayer bailouts. This is what health care under government control looks like. And this is just the beginning."

How bad is ObamaCare or the government in health care?They are using "Spanglish" which is not a language no matter how often you hear "la trucka" on the US Mexico border.  

How do you say bad in Spanglish?  I don't know because Spanglish is slang, not Spanish!

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