Who's #1 on Hillary's Hit List?

On the heels of accusations that NJ governor Chris Christie and his staff engaged in political retribution comes the not-so-surprising revelation that Queen Hillary and her staff kept a "hit list" of fellow pols who were felt to have betrayed Hillary's ambitions, particularly by choosing to endorse Barack Obama over Hillary in 2008.

And most prominent on that list was Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who first gained Hillary's ire in 2006 by saying of Bill Clinton, "He's been a great leader, but I don't want my daughter near him." But Hillary still hoped for McCaskill's endorsement in 2008, until McCaskill "stabbed her in the back" by signing on with Barack Obama instead.

Actually, McCaskill went far beyond merely endorsing Barack Obama. Although in Missouri she cultivated an image of reasonableness and her promotional material often painted her as "Common-sense Claire," when she hitched her wagon to Obama's star she became no longer shy about exhibiting what a committed apparatchik and shameless political hack she could be.

She became "Obama's Missouri Moll," a term I assigned her when I wrote about her on KCNewswatch.com back in 2008. I noted that her role in the Obama campaign was like that of a female Lanny Davis, one of the Clintons' chief apologists and a fawning spin doctor; although I couldn't stand him, it was fascinating to watch the contortions Lanny Davis would go through to paint anything the Clintons did or said in a positive light.

Whether motivated by ideology or opportunism (it was speculated that she envisioned a post in the Obama administration, or ambitions even beyond that), Claire McCaskill was more-than-willing to step up and be Obama's hatchet-man. NBC News even called her "a foot-soldier for President Obama". I remember how, during the campaign, she had taken a subtle but nonetheless thoroughly cheap shot at John McCain, declaring that not only was his age "a reality we all have to face", but adding that "others have mentioned his melanoma".

It's not hard to understand why Hillary would resent such a spokesmouth putting her talents in the service of someone other than Hillary.

Let's not forget that Hillary is just as much a disciple of Saul Alinsky as Barack Obama is. And I shudder at the thought of Hillary Clinton as "Commander-in-Chief."


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