Warmists' desperation is showing

The spectacle of a ship of warmist fools trapped in the very Antarctic ice that they posited was melting away has so seriously damaged the cause that signs of panic are setting in. The problem the warmists face is that they have no new tactics. The earth's average temperatures are on a 16 year streak of stubbornly failing to rise, invalidating the models which form the basis for the doom-mongering, so using actual evidence is out of the question. All that's left is propaganda. And that has been going full bore for a couple of decades, anyway, because there are a lot of people in big science and big media who favor giving the all-powerful state the ability to tax and control any activity that uses energy.

Like a quack who has prescribed an ineffective remedy, all they can do is increase the dose. Ben Geman of the National Journal writes:

Senate Democrats pledging to get more aggressive on climate change will soon pressure the major TV networks to give the topic far greater attention on the Sunday talking-head shows.

Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, are gathering colleagues' signatures on a letter to the networks asserting that they're ignoring global warming.

"It is beyond my comprehension that you have ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, that their Sunday shows have discussed climate change in 2012, collectively, for all of eight minutes," Sanders said, citing analysis by the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America.

Actually, given the nature of the data, silence on the subject is the warmists' best friend. And bullying the media has a good chance of generating resentment that could cause the nets to present both sides of the debate.

Update. Rusell Cook adds that  the PBS NewsHour is a fabulous example of how to accomplish it. They had 3 prominent mentions of climate change as an issue to resolve in December, and 14 in November.

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