Time's Hillary Cover too much even for the Boston Globe

Time Magazine has achieved the status of the class clown, willing to embarrass itself to attract attention. Its latest cover asks, "Can Anyone Stop Hillary?" The accompanying article is seven pages of slobbering sycophancy. If anyone still reads Time, it would be a nice campaign contribution to Ready for Hillary 2016. A few samples: Lesser figures -- mere governors, Senators, Vice Presidents -- face mounting pressure to decide whether to run for President... To an astonishing degree, Clinton already has all the pieces: universal name recognition, fervently devoted followers from coast to coast, a robust donor network, legions of experienced counselors, personal mastery of the issues. Or: "If another woman ran against Hillary, she would bring down the wrath of women around the country," said one veteran Democrat strategist, echoing the widespread view that Clinton earned another shot at history when she surrendered gracefully to Barack Obama in 2008. The story happens to coincide...(Read Full Post)