The TOTUS Who Can't Look America in the Eye

Not once -- not even once -- did the man who claims to be the legitimate leader of our nation ever look me, and all the other watching citizens of this nation, in the eye during his State of the Nation speech.  He was a dash-top bobble-head, swinging back and forth from prompter to prompter.

Good grief!  The man can't uncouple himself from his comfort-zone technology for even a moment to look Americans in the eye just once, and give us some sense of our comfort that he is sincere.

For those of us who endured the entire speech, it was painfully obvious that our nation is being led by a man who lives and dies by the teleprompter -- Teleprompter Rex.  It would be exceedingly interesting to see what would transpire should that teleprompter technology crash in the midst of a major speech like this one.  Perhaps America would be treated to the real Obama, without the technological defenses that wall him off from we, the unworthy.

Reality is, this affirmative-action president, a man elevated far beyond his capabilities by those who would use him for their own ends, has failed.  He's failed himself, and he's failed America.  Deliciously, he's failed those who put this puppet into the role of power.  He's failed them because he hasn't been able to enact their great socialist takeover of America.

Sadly, we as a nation will be required to endure three more years of executive ineptitude -- unless we take the Senate in 2014, which would afford America the means to rid itself of this aberration and restore some semblance of responsible leadership.

And yes, it still irks the hell out of me when my president can't look me in the eye, even over a television network. What a clueless, classless political weasel.  Think about that, America: the guy who leads you and the world won't look you in the eye.