The So-called Rich

To all the politicians, talking heads and ivory tower intelligentsia who wax poetic about income inequality, incessantly attack the wealthy, and believe you know what's best for others, answer this simple question: is this "rich?"

A family of three: a public school teacher and a medical office manager.

Both grew up in homes that fell on some very hard times.

One went to college; one learned on the job and moved up.

Both have worked hard for 4 decades.

They live in a modest two-bedroom home that is 40+ years old.

Drive a paid off pick-up truck and a used 13-year-old SUV.

The mortgage, power, water, insurance, food, and other bills leave little, if any, for savings.

Don't often take vacations, but if they do travel it is usually to see or help family. They rarely fly and have never been to Europe.

They scrimped to put their daughter through college without borrowing or taking on student loans.

Have never received public assistance and have little credit card debt.

Don't own a boat, motorcycle, second home, or wear extravagant designer clothes.

Do not have a HD flat screen TV, rarely go out to dinner, or attend shows.

They work hard, love their country, give to others in need, and pay more than their "fair" share to government.

Higher taxes, more costly health insurance, or inflation could easily wipe out their small retirement savings.

They wish they could get further ahead, but feel blessed with what they have; and are certainly not "bitter" at their place in life or "cling" to their agreement with the Second Amendment or their Christian practices.

Sounds like a tough yet familiar life for many struggling Americans?

Many would say they are middle class at best.

But here's the catch...They earn a gross family income of $125,000 a year.

That's an income that puts them in the top 15% of wage earners in America -- the so-called "rich."

So class hustlers and liberal malcontents; for once in your life be honest with the facts. Is this "rich?"

You know the answer -- and you should be ashamed.

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