The nuns are singing 'Dominque' and Wendy Davis is humming the blues

A good week for the nuns and a bad week for Texas Senator Wendy Davis.   

This is huge, as reported by The Los Angeles Times:

"The Supreme Court on Friday shielded the Little Sisters of the Poor and other nonprofit religious groups from complying, for now, with the Obama administration's rule that they provide free contraceptives in the health insurance they offer employees.  

The justices issued a one-paragraph order that keeps in place a temporary injunction that was handed down by Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Dec. 31. 

The Little Sisters of the Poor and other Catholic charities objected to the so-called "contraceptive mandate" -- a provision of the Affordable Care Act -- on religious grounds. Their lawyers said they feared "draconian fines" if they failed to comply with the new rule, which took effect Jan. 1.  

Friday's order says that if Little Sisters and the other nonprofits that filed suit inform the Secretary of Health and Human Services in writing that they have religious objections to providing coverage for contraceptive services, the government may not enforce the provision until the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver rules on their legal challenge.   

Catholic leaders say the rule violates their religious freedom because they believe contraceptives are immoral."

Down in Texas, State Senator Davis is being confronted with questions that she did not plan to answer in the campaign.  It all started when Wayne Slater, not known around here as "a right winger" reporter at The Dallas Morning News, published an article about some "holes" in Senator Davis' biography.

Who would have believed this last summer when a filibuster made Senator Davis a liberal icon and no one knew about these nuns in Denver! 

The nuns are smiling today and Senator Davis is wondering if her campaign can survive this big "iceberg" along the road to the primary.


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