The media obsessed with Christie but not so obsessed with other scandals like the IRS

To this date, President Obama has not had a long press conference, answered every question and "fired" anyone close to him regarding "Fast & Furious," "Solyndra," "IRS," the AP story, and the daily problems with Obama Care.

To his credit, Governor Christie took questions and fired somebody.

My friend Ruben Navarrette makes a good point today:

"What do you suppose is more annoying? Being stuck in traffic for hours on a bridge -- or watching the media get stuck for days on a story about a juvenile stunt that might, or might not, bloom into a full-blown scandal?   

I'd have to go with the latter, especially when you consider that the media seem addicted to the story in hopes that it could somehow derail the plans of a Republican presidential hopeful."

Right on Ruben!   We are watching a news media "wake up" when the scandal is about a potential GOP candidate and yawn for most of the aforementioned Obama scandals.

The Chrisite scandal was stupid.  I'm not defending it.  It reminds me of Watergate, a stupid burglary.   Unlike Watergate, there is no evidence that Governor Christie engaged in a cover up and tried to protect his subordinates.

The IRS scandal was about the government using unlimited powers to go after its opponents.    Or what about the incompetence of Obama Care?

At the very least, the media should call on President Obama to hold a press conference and answer a bunch of questions. And they should tell President Obama to limit his answers to 5 minutes!  

And let's not forget to ask President Obama about the Benghazi video story after it's clear that everybody knew it was a terrorist attack not some spontaneous demonstration. 


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