Taking organic food too damn far

Everything in moderation we are advised, and that would seem to be the case with organic food. This, from Sarah Nassauer of the Wall Street Journal, makes the case rather conclusively:

While eating her lunch-time salad, a Wall Street Journal employee found an unexpected ingredient - a frog.

After opening a Pret A Manger nicoise salad at her desk, and eating about half of it, she discovered an approximately two inch long green and brown dead frog in the lettuce.

The picture that accompanies the articles really should be seen. I would just note that the coloration is such that one might easily miss it at a casual glance.

The excuse offered by the vendor is classic.

"We don't use any pesticides with our greens and they go through multiple washing cycles," she said. "An unfortunate piece of organic matter has made its way through," she added.

The expression, "an unfortunate piece of organic matter" needs to be kept away from the abortion industry, lest it spread.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman.