Raul Castro has a new friend in the New York City government

We've heard about Mr de Blasio, the new mayor of New York.  This is even crazier than people at his inauguration talking about "plantations" and income inequality. The new speaker of the New York City council is not just a liberal.  She is a "left wing zealot" who has supported causes like "The Cuban 5" in prison for spying in the US. The New York Post published the story a few days ago: "City Council speaker candidate Melissa Mark-Viverito once lobbied on behalf of five Cuban intelligence agents convicted of spying against the United States.   Mark-Viverito told the United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva in a 2009 letter that the so-called "Cuban Five" were "unjustly imprisoned in the United States for trying to prevent terrorist attacks against Cuba."   In fact, the agents had infiltrated a naval base in Florida and were convicted of espionage conspiracy against the United States, records show.   The...(Read Full Post)