ObamaCare Debuts, #1

By Mr. Ed

A report from Indianapolis, from the first line of trenches facing the ObamaCare assault:

My wife just returned from Kroger, and she had a freaky tale to tell: she attempted to have a prescription filled at the Kroger pharmacy, but our MedCo rejected payment. They were informed that Kroger was no longer a provider. All of the pharmacy employees looked spooked out of their wits. The head pharmacist was trembling. It has been going on like this all day. They admitted that Medicare was doing the same thing, and for odd reasons such as the absence or presence of middle initials, or Ln versus Lane in the address. Other insurers reported systems down and network problems.

My wife asked one of them if any had been approved. The woman refused to answer.

If this is the case with the entire system -- and there's no reason to doubt it -- then it implies that ObamaCare lacks all but the most basic capabilities for processing even the simplest kind of claim. Which means that the worst is yet to come.

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