Obama approval hovers at around 40%

It looks President Obama will spend more time around 40%:

Reuters 40%

Gallup   39%

The average is 42.3%

This is very bad news for Democrats, as Brent Budowski reported today

"Old habits die hard, which is why the president's ratings have been frozen for some time in the 41 percent favorable, 52 percent unfavorable range. Unless this changes, it is Armageddon for congressional Democrats in 2014."

We just saw Senator Landrieu in Louisiana and Senator Hagan skip appearances with President Obama.    I think that we will see more of these Democrats finding excuses to avoid standing next to President Obama.

It will only get worse! 

First, aren't those small business cancellations scheduled for the fall?  

Second, the US economy is doing well in the stock market but not at the Main Street, a very odd situation for President Obama to be in.  I agree that there is income inequality and it has gotten worse on President Obama's watch.  Again, that's bad for the Democrats.

Of course, everything could change and we could be talking about a totally different political landscape in the fall.  My guess is that President Obama will be in the low 40s for much of the year and hear a very nasty message on election night.

Can the GOP take over the US Senate?  I think that those chances get better everyday, as we saw with the aforementioned Mrs Landrieu and Mrs Hagan avoiding President Obama.

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