It's official: Obamacare caused more cancelled plans than enrollments

This is one stat that we haven't heard from the White House. They announced on Tuesday that 2.1 million people had signed up on the exchanges (no one knows how many of those have actually paid). Meanwhile, it appears that at least 4.7 million Americans had their plans cancelled by Obamacare's coverage mandates.

Daily Caller:

The Obama administration has yet to announce the final tally of full enrollments, which are only confirmed once customers have made their first payment, but Cato Institute health policy expert Michael Cannon warns that not all those who signed up will complete their purchases, potentially leaving the White House with an even lower bottom line.

Even without the full number of enrollments, Obamacare's current net effect is clearly in favor of cancellations. Millions are already seeing Obamacare's adverse effects - largely due to more mandates for more services.

The health-care law requires that all insurance plans cover 10 "essential benefits," eliminating millions of plans that don't fit the bill and boosting costs for consumers that have to purchase coverage for services they may not want or need.

All plans must include maternity coverage, for example - including plans for men and post-menopausal women. Even customers without children must purchase plans that cover pediatric services. Other newly established essential benefits include hospitalization, mental-health services and preventive and wellness services.

While a grandfather clause allowed plans purchased before Obamacare passed in 2010 to continue, HHS estimated that 40-67 percent of plans would eventually lose their status and cost millions of Americans their insurance plans.

The Obama administration eventually admitted Obamacare's role in crushing many Americans' coverage and has scrambled to belatedly make up for it. President Barack Obama first attempted to reinstate the cancelled coverage for just one more year, but many insurers chose not to restart already-cancelled plans.

Somewhere in the bowels of HHS, there's a breakdown of enrollees by age and relative health. The administration is treating that number as they would a national security secret. It's estimated that between 1.5 and 2 million young, healthy Americans have to sign up for Obamacare to prevent a radical increase  in premiums next year. The actual number must be very bad for it not to have leaked out or announced.

In 2014, Republicans on the Hill should be demanding more accouability, more information from the White House. This silly drrip, drip, drip, of nuggets of information released whenever the administration thinks no one is paying much attention has got to stop. They are not going to fix the crisis by hiding the data. Time for them to come clean and start giving us the big picture.

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