Is the Gov Christie scandal bad for the Democrats?

Oh, of course I am shocked, shocked and even amazed that political hacks from the good government model state of New Jersey would stoop so low as to manipulate public facilities for a trivial political gain.  After all, that is illegal.  Actually, I thought they would stoop lower.  And for a better reason.  Heck, Gov Chris Christie (R) had a 20 point lead over his female Democratic gubernatorial rival; why did he need an endorsement from a Democratic suburban mayor?  So I guess they did it out of habit.  Because they could. It is a power thing. 

After all, didn't the governor's good friend, President Barack Obama (D) recently manipulate public facilities for trivial political gains by barring access to public monuments and even tours of the White House during the government shutdown and fights about the federal government's budget?  What about the multi million dollar contract for the unworkable Obamacare site to Obama's friends?  And the illegal one man changes to settled Obamacare law?  And of course a few years ago, Obama jokingly threatened to sic the IRS on those who displeased him. 

And speaking of the IRS, just what is happening with the investigation of the IRS and of its alleged refusal to grant non profit status to bona fide conservative groups because of political considerations? 

Speaking again of the IRS, DaTechGuy has a few suggestions  how the Republicans can utilize the latest uproar against Christie--and the media's interest in him--by referencing these accusations against the IRS.

And all of these media types are just dying to have members of the GOP come on their shows to comment on this horrible GOP scandal and if the GOP is smart at all, they should jump at the chance.

And they should use every moment on the air to compare and contrast the media reaction to this Christie Scandal to the IRS scandal.

How horrible that in view of the ongoing IRS scandal where a government agency was used to go after conservatives that such a thing would happen.

They should talk about how Chris Christie should not stonewall or put up roadblocks as the Obama administration has continued to do with the IRS scandal.

And they should, of course, talk about the contrast between the media interest, saying perhaps Christie might use the Obama strategy on the IRS scandal, deny and stonewall in the hope that the media will ignore it over time.

They should POUND this there should be no answer that comes out of their lips that doesn't use the words "IRS Scandal" and "Bridge Scandal" in the same sentence.  Every article written on it by any conservative source should mention it, contrast it play on the difference in media interest between the pair.

In fact if I'm Chris Christie I bring up the IRS scandal over and over again at my press conference saying stuff like:  " I'm not going to delay or stonewall this investigation like the President & the IRS."  and make it a point to constantly contrast the IRS scandal to this one.

Who knows if the press are in a spot where they can't quote him without bringing up IRS they might even back off.

This is a gimme, a no brainer and the GOP needs to take full advantage of it and milk it for as much as they can.

Twitchy has another suggestion how the Republicans can take advantage of the botched bridge traffic tie up has a collection of tweets from people who noticed:

'Your turn, President Obama': Heads roll under Gov. Christie, sit pretty under POTUS

And more seriously, there are the dead Americans in Benghazi still to be accounted for.  That should be the focus of the Republicans and the media.