Iraq proves that Obama is no strategic thinker

A few minutes ago, I watched that great TV commercial about our wounded warriors.   It inspires you!  It also reminds us that war has a huge human price. We lost a young man in our church in Iraq. One of my son's high school buddies lost a leg in Afghanistan. 

It also makes you furious when you watch it in the context of what is happening in Iraq.

In 2011, President Obama was all about running for reelection with troops out of Iraq.    It was all about keeping a promise, even though Iraq had ceased to be much of an issue after the success of the surge in 2007-08.  

President Obama got his wish and the troops were not around. Unfortunately, his policies have created a problem that will put Iraq right back on his lap.  He won't be able to avoid Iraq after the events of last week.

President Obama's primary objective in Iraq should have been to secure the gains made not score "debating points" about the decision to enter the war.  In other words, you can disagree with our reasons for entering Iraq and still support a good outcome for the war.    Doesn't the commander in chief owe that to the troops?

Con Coughlin reported about the mess that awaits President Obama:

"Such was Mr Obama's distaste for maintaining America's involvement in a conflict associated with his predecessor, President George W Bush, that he, in effect, ordered the unilateral withdrawal of American forces from Iraq before the country had been fully stabilised.   

As Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham pointed out at the weekend, Mr Obama's failure to maintain a residual American force that could continue to support the Iraqi government as it guided the country from dictatorship to democracy meant not only abandoning the Iraqi people to their fate, but that "the thousands of brave Americans who fought, shed their blood, and lost their friends to bring peace to Fallujah and Iraq are now left to wonder whether these sacrifices were in vain."

Again, President Obama walked away and now the region is chasing like a very angry dog.  

He reads great from the TelePrompTer but is not much of a strategic thinker.


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