GOP Senators offer 'repeal and replace' legislation for Obamacare

Avik Roy, Forbes health care guru, scores the GOP plan announced yesterday that would be a substitute for Obamacare if Republicans are ever able to repeal it. Roy thinks it's "the most credible plan yet" to replace Obamacare. Indeed, the plan - offered by Senators Coburn, Burr, and Hatch - keeps a few popular parts of Obamacare, including keeping the ban on lifetime limits on insurer payouts, and the requirement that insurers cover adult children younger than 27. Meanwhile, it would ditch the invididual mandate and repeal the requirement that insurers offer products to those with pre-existing conditions. Roy has no illusions about how this, and any other "repeal and replace" plan would go over with Tea Party conservatives. But the GOP largely market-based solutions would be much cheaper to implement and wouldn't require the government taking over 1/6 of the economy. CBH would repeal Obamacare, and replace it with a set of more market-oriented reforms. One key point right at...(Read Full Post)