Get your tickets now for the 15th Annual White Privilege Conference

Come one, come all to the 15th Annual White Privilge Conference, to be held (where else) in Madison, Wisconsin this coming March.

Boy oh boy (note: not conciously referring to men of color but we all know that's just an excuse to hide our White Privilege) do we have a program lined up for YOU. Anything and everything you wanted to know about White Privilege - and even stuff that isn't really true but the media will eat up - will be highlighted by our keynote speakers.

* Jacqueline Battalora, author of Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today

* Daniel Beaty - Award-winning actor, singer, and writer combines his signature blend of music, movement, and words in Emergency and Through The Night.

* Rosa Clemente - a Black Puerto Rican grassroots organizer, hip-hop activist, journalist, and entrepreneur.

* Joe Feagin - Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M (He's White but has taken the secret oath to give up his privileges)

And there's much, much more. Programs for the kids, including the YAP Poetry Slam. At this event, they will be trying to set a new Guinness World Record for the number of times the word "nigga" is used.

Registration fee? Eminently reasonable: Just $440 for an individual and $370 if you're a university professor. These fees are easily within reach of your college's special event budget - just threaten the school with charges of racism if they don't cough up the cash.

For K-12 teachers and non-profit staff, it's only $290. If you can't wangle that pittance out of your school district or non-profit board, you need a refresher course in "How to Exploit White Guilt for Fun and Profit."

A sampling of the daily program:

What's not to like?

Don't miss out. Early registration ends February 24.

Be there or stand accused of being an "Uncle Tom"!

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