Bill Ayers Fizzles at Dartmouth Debate with Dinesh D'Souza

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The Indian American immigrant vs. the radical white son of a one percenter capitalist was quite a spectacle. The Dinesh D'Souza and Bill Ayers debate on Thursday night at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and sponsored by Young America's Foundation, hands down showed D'Souza has a broad view of history and a love of America as a "wealth creator." In contrast, Ayers has a narrow progressive view where "we [the people] are the sovereign, collective authority."

The professor from Chicago waxed poetic about that city being the best example of the answer to the debate question of "What Makes America Great?" Ayers kept listing name after socialist name of great American heroes including his wife Bernardine Dohrn. Really?

If I didn't know anything about Ayers' communist leanings, his violent revolutionary past, or his extremely negative view of America, and just took him at face value on that stage, I would characterize him as very limited in his understanding of the world around him. He appears self-absorbed, and at the same time out of his league alongside D'Souza.

When you look at Ayers with his little loop earrings and scruffy beard, and hear his sarcastic comebacks to D'Souza, you can't imagine him being any more interested in "social justice" for humanity than that outside his million dollar apartment.

Ayers threw out numbers and pretend facts, as most progressives do for emotional effect, but D'Souza caught him on a couple of them. For instance, Ayers said 90% of indigenous Native Americans were killed off by the Europeans who slaughtered them to gain the land; but D'Souza corrected him and said most of the indigenous people died from diseases brought in from foreigners. Genocide or disease, a big difference.

Since Ayers can't get off the problem with "white supremacy" in America today, and talked a lot about slavery and disenfranchised groups including women and "queer rights" groups, D'Souza countered with the unknown fact that 300,000 white men from the north during the Civil War fought against the south to win freedom for slaves.

Regarding the Second Amendment, Ayers said "we should disarm" and put serious limits on citizens who own guns. He also said the "Constitution is there to be changed," we should extend the vote to prisoners, and we should get rid of the Electoral College.

In comparing libertarians to anarchists, Ayers said they have in common that we should have a "deep skepticism of government" and of "the imposition of the state in our lives." That's really an odd statement coming from a small 'c' communist. He's all about the State being in our lives.

In his closing remarks, Ayers named the U.S. military as "invading occupying soldiers" with an "arrogance that is foolish and deadly...America is a mass of contradictions."

What more can we say except that inviting Bill Ayers to hold a reasonable discourse in a public forum couldn't possibly end well.

Ann Kane is editor of Watchdog Wire North Carolina. You can email her at