Another Dem candidate heads for the hills when Obama visits

Just call him President Poison. So unpopular has Barack Obama become that when he visits a state that is a priority for the Democrats, prudence dictates that those who wish to get elected refuse to share a stage with him. The Associated Press, via WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin reports:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke will not be joining President Barack Obama when he makes a stop in Wisconsin on Thursday.

Burke's campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki said Tuesday that Burke has a full day scheduled in western Wisconsin and will not be able to make to the Milwaukee area.

Perhaps she is reorganizing her closet.

RightWisconsin adds:

New poll numbers from the Marquette University Law Poll suggest President Obama's popularity now sits at just 44% with a favorable opinion. And support for Obamacare is just 35% among Wisconsinites.

Mary Burke has her own poll troubles with 70% of respondents unable to form an opinion about her candidacy despite four months of campaigning.

Recall for a moment that the incumbent governor of the Badger State is Scott Walker, number one enemy of the government employee unions, themselves the biggest financial and organizational backers of the Democratic Party. There is probably nobody the unions would rather defeat than Scott Walker. But their biggest gun, Obama, is incapable of targeting anyone but his allies.