'America does not lead the world in the area of morality': Lech Walesa

The former president of Poland and leader of the Solidarity movement is not enamored with President Obama and his leadership.

The Hill:

Former Polish President Lech Walesa says America no longer leads the world "in terms of politics and morality." 

Walesa, in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, spoke negatively about President Obama's leadership skills.

"When he was elected there was great hope in the world. We were hoping that Obama would reclaim moral leadership for America, but that failed. America does not lead the world in the area of morality," Walesa said.

Walesa, who is promoting a new biopic on his life, met with GOP presidentical candidate Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign.

A Nobel prize winner, Walesa served as president of Poland in the 1990s, and led the Solidarity movement that helped end the Soviet Union's grip on Eastern Europe. 

He acknowledged the United States military remains the world's top power, but argued the U.S. economy is getting weaker.

"America did not regain its leadership status," he said, adding that the world is lucky there were no major conflicts because otherwise it would be helpless.

It's a dangerous situation in the long run, Walesa said. "We are awaiting a president who will understand that."

Where we aren't getting kicked out, we're retreating. No one fears us, no one trusts us. No one much likes us. The thugs of the world rejoice that President Obama is in office, while our former allies try to make sense of our policies.

Walesa is right. If, as some speculate, a major war is on the horizon, God help us all.