A speech to wake up a very sleepy base

Maybe we should get back to a written "State of the Union." It worked for Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. 

Or maybe we should "e-mail" the speech to everyone who cares to read it!

The current version of the SOTU is one gigantic waste of time. It is a campaign speech. It's just another acceptance speech except that he's already won the nomination.

Last night's performance speaks volumes about President Obama's political problems. 

He did not mention the Affordable Health Care Act until the 40th minute!  Isn't this his premiere accomplishment?  Then he goes after the House's repeal votes but overlooks that it's Democrats running for reelection who are worried about it.

Overall, a well delivered speech that will matter little.

"Hope and change" is starting year 6 and there are huge concerns about President Obama's competence, as Brent M. Decker pointed out:

"The 2014 State of the Union address was devoid of many new ideas and full of old ones, such as a commitment to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, something Obama promised to do before he was president but didn't doggedly pursue. Barack Obama can deliver a good speech, but the public has had enough of speeches and wants to see progress."

After the speech, I caught a focus groups on Megyn Kelly's show. Someone said that he looks tired and exhausted.  I don't know whether the president is tired or exhausted but he is really out of ideas. Unfortunately for him, and the "yes we can" screamers, it won't get any better as reality squeezes "hope and change" further in 2014.

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