You Lie!

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When that charge was yelled out during Obama's address to Congress, the liberal media were in lockstep in their condemnation of the South Carolina congressman, Joe Wilson, who admittedly violated congressional protocol in defensible defense of his constituents and his country. Likewise, author, Jack Cashill, has for years been publishing growing evidence here at American Thinker that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is not what he appears to be. A Cashill  piece posted yesterday elicited a comment with a link to a telephone interview from a black radio talk show to a woman in Hawaii who admits she knew Obama only peripherally in his formative years after his return from Indonesia. But her peripheral observations are damning if true.

Most striking is her attestation that Barry, as she calls him, was a pathological liar, one of those that we've all encountered, who lies gratuitously, but most especially when the lie enhances the worth of the liar. Six years into the Obama administration it is easy to see that what that female teenager in Hawaii observed as self-serving, adolescent behavior is now being manifested on a national and global level as a continuing quest for self-aggrandizement by a man who has already achieved the political pinnacle. 

As Cashill noted, just this week we were served up another example of blatant dishonesty by this pathological president when his minions admitted that he did in fact know his previously disowned, troubled African uncle in Massachusetts. Not only did Barry have contact with the uncle he had earlier professed not to know, the White House now admits he actually lived with the man. The clumsy admission and attempted dodge to protect the president from yet another provable lie is so farfetched as to be laughable. How on earth does Jay Carney sleep at night? Their contention is that when they said the president had never known his wayward uncle it was because the media staff issuing that statement had not checked with the president to determine its validity. What an absolute crock! Sure, an uncle of the president, in this country illegally, is arrested on drunk-driving charges and faced with deportation and the White House press office issues a statement of total denial of contact with the perp by the prez without consulting said prez. Folks, they are so arrogantly supreme as to believe you will accept this crap.

If you watched and listened to Reverend Manning's radio interview with the woman in Hawaii, you could not help but note her multiple references to Barry Soetoro's propensity for telling self-promoting lies. Supporting her charge is his behavior that has never changed in the five years of an Obama presidency that have left a trail of lies across America's political landscape never before seen. Through Fast and Furious, the Benghazi treachery, IRS corruption and most of all, Obamacare, we have seen this is a morally-deficient, mendacious man with absolutely no compunctions about lying large to what he sees as a gullible, passively accepting nation and world, a core quality of a too-confident confidence man. Why is he so self-assured? Perhaps a good example is when a corrupt media and a dishonest Democrat party circles the wagons and covers for him when a sincere congressman yells the honest truth:

You lie!

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