Winners and losers in the 'Duck Dynasty' controversy

Interesting piece in the Examiner by Charles Hoskinson listing the winners and losers in the Phil Robertson flap.

Some are obvious - the family comes out a big winner while the network takes it on the chin. But there's more:

And while we're on that subject, the other big loser is GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination, which showed how far it had strayed off the path of encouraging tolerance into the dark woods where conformity is enforced by witchhunts and demands for blood sacrifices. GLAAD's intolerance sparked what its leaders called the worst backlash they'd ever seen -- a backlash that included prominent members of the gay community such as Andrew Sullivan and Camille Paglia.

That's right: Two groups of smug, urban sophisticates got outsmarted by a backwoodsman who shoots ducks for a living.

Heckuva job, folks.

GLAAD's statement bemoaning A&E's pursuing "profits over African-American and gay people -- especially its employees and viewers" is typical blather that only reveals the activists' cluelessness about the situation they created. They were basically asking A&E to emasculate their #1 hit show by removing a key element to its success. What network in their right mind would do such a thing -- especially since the impetus for doing so came from a small but vocal group of advocates who don't watch the show anyway?

The losers in this blow up have some hard lessons to learn.