Why Obama Never Fires Anyone

Why isn't Obama firing anyone for the failed health care website?  Could it be that if he fires someone, that someone will spill the beans on how large a part Obama himself played in the incompetent roll-out of the plan?

Obama is too vulnerable to fire anyone.

Maybe he should fire himself?  No, it wouldn't work.  His whole staff would then feel free to tell the truth.

We must remember that he never fired anyone with the IRS scandal or Benghazi, either.  If you work for Obama, you have a lifetime position.  Unless you're murdered by the incompetency of your secretary of state.

Obama is surrounded by potential snitches.  When I was in jail, everyone claimed he wasn't a snitch.  But if you ever checked the paperwork you'd see that all of these guys had all rolled over on someone.  How else could they have gotten into a minimum-security facility?

But then again, you can't have snitches unless you are snitchable.  As long as you are the commander in chief, you are not vulnerable.

Obama has done everything wrong and is his own worst liability.  He has helped the gays to come out of the closet, but he is still in there himself.  He is suspended from a hanger of his own false rhetoric.  He is a coat of many colors -- lies about affordable health care, Benghazi, targeting by the IRS, and NSA surveillance of foreign leaders.    

Firing his flunkies is not the issue.  The issue is the American public's learning to discern a used car salesman (Obama) when they see him pointing his arrogant finger and dramatizing like he is trying to sell you an extra coat of paint.

Well, maybe Obama didn't sell us a jalopy.  But he sold us worse -- Tesla Motors. He promised us that this electric car would save us from global warming like he promised us that his Affordable Care Act would save us from our current best health coverage in the world.

We were happy with our doctors and our health plans.  Couldn't Obama have chosen another sector in which to work his negative magic?  He cried about forty million uninsured.  So he is now leaving us forty million uninsured again while ruining our waiting times, our ability to fund new medicines, and even our ability to sign up for health plans.

Obama, your middle name is not "Hussein."  It is shame.  On you.  Shame.

Your ideological, non-pragmatic form of government is insane.  Not like Crazy Eddie's.  More like Stalin's or Hitler's where the violence hasn't yet set in.  Where the ends will ultimately try to justify the ignorant means.

Obama's toe is just beginning to touch the ocean of his failures and the undertow of his own arrogance.

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