Who Likes Their Health Insurance?

The Obama administration clearly underestimated just how tough the sale of ObamaCare would be once the American people found out what "was in it." To say the task is a bit like selling broccoli or asparagus flavored candy to a child is surely an understatement. In fact, thanks to a short video my daughter alerted me to, the Administration can get an idea of how the American people feel about having the so-called Affordable Care Act shoved down their throats. (Note: the video is by Crest and Oral B, not Michael Bloomberg.)

While I'm quite certain the Obama administration sees the American people as helpless children who need to have every aspect of their lives planned out for them, the problem isn't the administration's sales ability. The problem is the disgusting product they are trying to sell. At least the guy in the video told the children "what was in" the candy up front and didn't lie to them. And it appears these kids weren't going to be force fed the candy once they rejected it.

Even a child understands when they are being scammed. And they certainly don't care what kind of pajamas the salesman is wearing.

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