Who do you believe on Obamacare? The administration or the insurance companies?

The administration and their allies have put on happy faces whenever they talk about improvements in the healthcare.gov website. It's working fine, we're told - almost zero errors. The insurance companies beg to differ. New York Times: Julie Bataille, a spokeswoman at the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, acknowledged that the government had failed to inform insurance companies about some people who had chosen health plans on HealthCare.gov, but she said the number of such cases from Oct. 1 to Dec. 5 was lower than 15,000. "Since the beginning of December, missing 834s as a percentage of total enrollments has been close to zero" -- down from 15 percent in the two weeks starting Oct. 13, she said. Ms. Bataille said most of the problems occurred from Oct. 1 to mid-November, as enrollment reports on some consumers "were either not being generated, or had errors due to larger technical system issues." On Tuesday and Wednesday, the government sent...(Read Full Post)